14 mars 2018

Charia et liberté d'opinion au Royaume-Uni (suite)

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Le Royaume-Uni est en train de devenir un régime fasciste protégeant l'idéologie islamique contre la critique et censurant ou emprisonnant toute personne voulant parler de ce sujet librement. C'est ce qui ressort des événements des dernières semaines. 

Ce n'est plus seulement Tommy Robinson qui se fait emprisonner et persécuter sous de faux prétextesdepuis 9 ans, pour avoir condamné les gangs de violeurs musulmans, mais ces derniers jours ce sont aussi des blogueurs étrangers qui se sont faits arrêter et emprisonner et déporter au motif qu'ils représentent un danger pour le Royaume-Uni. 

La loi anti-terroriste ne sert donc pas comme prévu à arrêter les imams prêcheurs de haine qui pullulent au Royaume-Uni ni les djihadistes de retour de Syrie qui rentrent tranquillement au pays après avoir égorgé, violé, massacré, torturé, kidnappé, fait de l'esclavage. La loi anti-terroriste ne sert pas à arrêter les terroristes, mais les honnêtes citoyens qui osent interroger la responsabilité de l'islam dans les exactions islamistes. 

Bref, la censure s'élargit. Les élites britanniques qui ont passé sous silence les immenses réseaux pédophiles musulmans dans toute l'Angleterre font tout ce qu'elles peuvent pour cacher leur responsabilité dans ces affaires de grooming gangs. Mais en vérité, c'est toute la classe politique, la justice, la police et les services sociaux qui ont les mains sales ainsi que toute la communauté musulmane qui n'a pas reporté ces millions de viols. 

L'avenir de la Grande-Bretagne se joue donc cette semaine et dans les mois à venir. Liberté de parole et vérité sur toute cette affaire ou imposition de la charia?

Première partie, voir Une Américaine et un Autrichien emprisonnés 3 jours en Angleterre pour avoir défendu la liberté d'expression

Sommaire : 
Tommy Robinson, "Reclaim Our Freedom To Speak", London, Hyde Park, Speakers' Corner, 18/3/2018, 3 pm. 
Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner : "We Are Suing The UK" (17.03.2018)
Tommy Robinson sème-t-il la haine et l'intolérance ? (17.03.2018)
Sadiq Khan, Censorship, and Speakers' Corner (Voltaire's Ghost, 16.03.2018)
Tommy Robinson : "I'll Be At Speakers' Corner Sunday 18/3/2018 at 3 pm"
Meeting Sargon of Akkad for the first time (15.03.2018)
Lord Pearson in Parliament "Can we talk about Islam?" (15.03.2018)
European Parliament on Right-Wingers Banned From UK (14.03.2018)
The Tommy Robinson Interview That Got Me Banned From The U.K. (14.03.2018)
Tommy Robinson Police Remove Him and Camera Crew From Speakers' Corner (14.03.2018)
Lord Pearson: Millions of Rapes by Muslim Men (14.03.2018)
Royaume-Uni : s’exprimant à la Chambre des Lords, Malcolm Pearson dénonce les « millions de viols de filles blanches et sikhs commis par des musulmans » (14.03.2018)
BREAKING : Tommy Robinson Explains His Twitter Ban 2018 !! (04.03.2018)

Tommy Robinson, "Reclaim Our Freedom To Speak", Speakers' Corner, 18/3/2018. 

Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner : We Are Suing The UK (17.03.2018)

Tommy Robinson sème-t-il la haine et l'intolérance ? (17.03.2018)

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Tommy Robinson sème-t-il la haine et l'intolérance ? ce qui implique la question suivante : en relayant les discours de Tommy Robinson, sème-t-on la haine et l'intolérance?

D'après moi, non, car c'est Tommy qui a raison : l'islam autorise bien la pédophilie et aussi à combattre des juifs et en général tous les non-musulmans, à tuer des homosexuels, et tout un tas de trucs cruels et immoraux. Cela ne sort pas de mon imagination, ça fait un an que je bosse à fond sur le Coran et les autres textes fondamentaux de l'islam. De même le nazisme encourage à tuer les juifs et à combattre tous ceux qui résistent au nazisme. Ce n'est pas semer la haine que de le dire. C'est bien plutôt lutter contre la haine que de dénoncer de tels textes et idéologies nauséabondes et criminelles. 

Sadiq Khan, Censorship, and Speakers' Corner (Voltaire's Ghost, 16.03.2018)

The Mayor of London wants to officially apply German hate speech laws to social media. At least, for the far-right. And terrorists. Original video: https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/... Brittany Pettibone's Letter: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DYHjjolXU... 'Meet the Couple Detained for Free Speech in the UK' by Tommy Robinson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPzzr... 'Don't Bow to Islam' by Christopher Hitchens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-ovs...

Tommy Robinson "I'll Be At Speakers Corner Sunday 3pm". 18/3/2018. Trump, Islam. 

Hey Lauren, Rafal Ziemkiewicz one of the best polish independent journalist and writer was also banned from UK lately https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/feb/16/poland-far-right-speaker-hate-speech-rafal-ziemkiewicz u all should form some kind of group :D
Yes she's one of those retarded leftist who see everywhere fascist:) anyway the case will be in court for calling Ziemkiewicz fascist.

Meeting Sargon of Akkad for the first time (15.03.2018)

Support my work: https://tommyrobinson.online/support Help build my kit: http://amzn.eu/7MEBD0R Bitcoin wallet: 3CqNrgvhpr3ASt4f5ytNRtgtSL3WAjYh2P Last week I met Sargon of Akkad to discuss his work.

Lord Pearson in Parliament "Can we talk about Islam?" (15.03.2018)

Commentator : 4:47. The basic tenets of islam : See David Wood or The Masked Arab on Youtube.

C : Tommy, ‘you naughty boy who’s now gone straight’ was sound @ the end of such a serious, eye opening interview! Well done Tommy, you allowed him to finish his thoughts & sentences before moving onto your next question! This IS REAL JOURNALISM @BBC @CNN @MSNBC, get used to it because your networks are all crumbling as WE THE PEOPLE want TRUTH!

C : New US sub here, thanks to Brittany Pettibone. Our swamp is full of corrupt, treasonous, Luciferian slime, but I'm shocked to see how far this politically correct madness has gone in the UK. One word keeps coming to mind: APPEASEMENT.

But I get why. Of course "real" peopple are scared to speak out when there is no civil security willing and able to protect them when they do so; on the contrary, they are arrested for it. This is a total betrayal of the social contract because Brits have no firearms to protect themselves, and have to rely entirely on the police and lawmakers who have utterly failed them.

I thank God for our brilliant Founders who gave us our 1st and 2nd Amendments, for cops who are on the side of free speech (so far), and for the "Black Swan" win of President Trump. (Btw, I still think he won because spirit cooking went viral the Friday before the election.)

You're an inspiration Tommy, so I want to shar a moment of inspiration with you. I'm 68 and this was one of the best days of my life. It just never gets old... https://youtu.be/YZ46I3kMOr0

Will be adding a drop in the bucket to your support within the week.

C : Finally, transparency and absolute honesty from a respected Politician, the Honourable Lord Pearson himself. Thank you very much, Sir ! Excellent interview, Tommy and an absolute affirmation of all your efforts. Tommy, thank you. Everyone really needs to wake up to reality and realise the Truth of this situation.

C : wow, at least someone in the government has some balls.

European Parliament on Right-Wingers Banned From UK (14.03.2018)

The Tommy Robinson Interview That Got Me Banned From The U.K. (14.03.2018)

Thanks for watching. (ᵔᴥᵔ) Tommy's Twitter: https://twitter.com/TRobinsonNewEra Tommy's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6wd... Tommy's Website: https://tommyrobinson.online My Political Website: http://brittany-pettibone.com Subscribe to my Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/ddT54P

Tommy Robinson Police Remove Him and Camera Crew From Speakers Corner (14.03.2018)

They can take our Lives but they canni take our freedom.
I will be there. Though I BEG everyone to be cool. I know there will be people there to harm us but we must stand firm and not respond. That's what they want. Please don't give our power away to the enemy. I don't want Tommy arrested because of me or you. Hyde park speakers corner is for debate. Heated at times yes. But No violence.
If you're in any doubt about keeping your emotions under control as Tommy does. Then it's best you don't come. God bless us all.

C : So I just got a notification that Tommy uploaded a new vid called 'Lord Pearson: Millions of rapes by Muslim Men'. I clicked on it and already it's 'unavailable'...Something's afoot and I don't like it.

C : Yes, I have opened the video and can see it at the moment but when I try to open it in an other page : it says "this vid has been suppressed." Too much hate speech for youtube. Alot of websites that condemns islam and islamisation are suppressed arbitrarily by youtube, if a group of muslims or antifas report denounce hate speech or racism.

One of the commentary was :
Political discrimination  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4o65GVg3lQ
When a government arbitrarily abandons its people and inflicts an alien ideology without their consent, the wicked ideologies of mass immigration, multiculturalism, miscegenation and Silicification, then its mandate to call itself a DEMOCRACY has gone. When it co-opts sycophantic acolytes in the media to promote and propagate its agenda, it’s become AUTHORITARIAN. When it hides the atrocious realities of its failed policies from the people, it’s now become TOTALITARIAN and when it enshrines hate law against the indigenous population to stifle objection and shut down free speech in the public space, it’s now crossed over the invisible Rubicon and become FASCIST and become a police State.  VOTE ForBritain Anne Marie Waters

An other commentary was : Sexual slaves captured in the jihad against non-muslims are halal (good, allowed, permitted). Quran 4.24 : And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess. It is a decree of Allah for you.
Mohammed had at least 4 sexual slaves in addition to his 9 wives.

C : The government, police, BBC and Antifa are surely funded by Islam. Try to find any other reason on earth why free speech is banned.

C : This is outrageous ! Our Free Speech cannot and should not stopped !
The Tories will suffer  at the elections for taking this away from us


Royaume-Uni : s’exprimant à la Chambre des Lords, Malcolm Pearson dénonce les « millions de viols de filles blanches et sikhs commis par des musulmans »

Par Koba le 14/03/2018
Grande-Bretagne : Lord Pearson de Rannoch a insisté auprès du gouvernement sur l’ampleur des scandales d’abus sexuels sur mineurs à Rotherham, Rochdale ou Telford.
S’exprimant à la Chambre des Lords, l’ancien dirigeant du parti Ukip a déclaré: « Ces filles sont généralement violées plusieurs fois par jour. »
Il a ajouté: « Le gouvernement demandera-t-il aux responsables musulmans si ce comportement de violence est accepté par le Coran? »
« Des millions de viols de filles blanches et sikhs ont été perpétrés par des hommes musulmans, dont seulement 222 ont été condamnés depuis 2005 ».
« Le gouvernement encouragera-t-il un débat national sur les différentes interprétations de l’islam, peut-on parler de l’islam sans être accusé de racisme? »

Lord Pearson: Millions of Rapes by Muslim Men (14.03.2018)

Vidéo supprimée de YT.

They want to turn the entire Western world into the UK. An Orwellian police state ruled by Muslims. Mohammad is the false prophet the Bible warned of.


Lord Pearson stood up in the House of Lords to question the government on their inaction over Muslim grooming gangs and their refusal to accept the role of the Quran in these crimes.
He was shouted down and sneered at by everyone else in the room - just for asking if we are even allowed to talk about Islam in the UK. So I sat down with him to talk about the influence of Islam on our political establishment and his predictions for the future if we don't change our course.

THE INSANITY OF THE UK | Blasphemy Laws Enforced (Peter Sweden, 14.03.2018)

The UK is banning and deporting young Conservatives, meanwhile they are letting in actual threats to the country. Clown land. Support my work: https://www.makersupport.com/petersweden https://www.patreon.com/petersweden

UK bans Lauren Southern but not ISIS terrorists (14.03.2018)

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media reports on Lauren Southern being banned from the United Kingdom despite tens of thousands of Jihadists being allowed in.

Get EARLY ACCESS to the Ezra Levant Show, PLUS shows hosted by Sheila Gunn Reid, John Cardillo and MORE! http://www.TheRebel.media/Shows

BREAKING : Tommy Robinson Explains His Twitter Ban 2018 !! (04.03.2018)

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