7 juillet 2011

Singapore Math books

Why Singapore Math books ?

Singapore students were in first place in the 1995,1999 and 2003 TIMSS. TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) is designed to measure trends in students mathematics and science achievement in four-year cycles.
Singapore students who took TIMSS in 1995,1999 and 2003 were using the Primary Mathematics series (the only math series in Singapore that was written by the Singapore Ministry of Education).  In all three rounds, Singapore students came in first in mathematics. The results speak for themselves about the Primary Mathematics series - the Singapore Math series offered by Singaporemath.com Inc.

Singapore Math and Common Core Standards

“The race is on among nations to create knowledge fueled innovation economies. In Singapore‚ and other countries around the world, educational improvement is viewed as a critical part of that mission.”
(Benchmarking for Success: Ensuring US Students Receive a World-class Education, a key resource used in developing the CCSS)

Singapore appears frequently in the research used to arrive at the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. It is therefore not surprising that our Singapore Math programs are well-aligned with those standards. View correlations by grade level here:

Correlation to Common Core State Standards
Media coverage on schools in the U.S. using Primary Mathematics (the real Singapore Math).

Melrose Elementary - Singapore Math

The New York Times on Singapore Math - Oct 1st 2010.

Part 1: How I Became Interested In Singapore Math
Part 2: Philosophy and Pedagogical Approach of Singapore Math
Part 3: Is This The Most Visual Math?
Part 4: How To Make It Happen In Your School
The Daily Riff's four-part series Singapore Math Demystified! by Bill Jackson, Math Helping Teacher, Scarsdale, NY Public Schools, one of the highest performing districts in the country.

Brandywine School District has added Singapore math DelawareOnline (Edward Kenney, January 6, 2011).

NEW MATH = HIGH SCORES: Singapore system working at Santa Catalina The Monterey County Herald's (John Sammon, April 5, 2011)


Richard Askey, Ph.D. -- a professor emeritus of mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison -- added that the 2003 TIMSS results reveal that in elementary school "it is of primary importance to build a firm foundation of numbers and operations and leaning how to solve multi-step word problems, and the Singapore method does each of these." (Read here)

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