28 mars 2012

Individualized instruction (Critical Guide, E.D. Hirsch Jr)

An ideal in education that recognizes individual differences in talent, interest, and preparation. 

It is universally acknowledged that the individual tutorial is the most effective form of teaching known. Tutorial instruction is not possible, however, in public schools, where the student teacher ratio is typically 20 to 1. 

For that reason, an attempt in the public schools to provide individual instruction to some students often results in individual neglect for others, in the form of isolated, silent seatwork. 

In typical schools, the best results for most individual students are gained not by one-on-one tutorials but by a predominant use of whole-class instruction, in which all students participate. This interactive, whole-class pedagogy is then supplemented by small-group, cooperative learning, by moderate individual seatwork, and by individual coaching.

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"banking theory of schooling" 
"culturally-biased curriculum" 
"outcomes-based education" 
"research has shown"
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This was an excerpt from Hirsch's great book on education :
The Schools We Need 
 and Why We Don't Have Them.
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