9 juin 2017

Le Jihad et les Croisades : comparaison historique (Bill Warner)

Which was worse? Watch the data and you decide. 
This video is part of Bill Warner's astounding lecture: "Why we are afraid. A 1400 years secret": bit.ly/1C5oxnc"

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Qu'est-ce qui a été le pire ? Regardez les données et décidez. 
Cette vidéo est une partie de la conférence passionnante de Bill Warner : "Why we are afraid. A 1400 years secret": bit.ly/1C5oxnc"

Liste des batailles : http://cspipublishing.com/statistical...

Terrorist mythology
Comment found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkIX6zhV8xs

There are 2 kinds of people who worship the fictitious pedophile, the hypocrite and the terrorist. - The hypocrite are people who don't follow the same instruction of that terrorist mythology on acting as real believers by saying that terrorist mythology has nothing to do with ISIS or any islamic terrorist group, but in fact I am not enslaved by ISIS, am enslaved by people who run that terrorist mythology. - The terrorist are the people who apply the same instruction of that terrorist mythology.
There's no such thing as being called moderate/secular or radical islam/muslim, those are bullshit, every dogma has 3 ways; way of being a devout, way of being hypocrite amd way of being blasphemous, within that terrorist mythology there are no such being described as secular/moderate or radical, don't watch the media use your mind instead. I am enslaved by people people who worship the fictitious pedophile, which there's no right, privilege, freedom, health care, education and law. just be submissive to this people with a different version of enslavement and submission nonetheless. All of them are bad people, don't get fooled what they do within western society, they act peacefully because they live within western society, but in fact as I said they are just hypocrite, and they don't even help their brothers and sisters pursuant to their terrorist mythology. I am enslaved by that terrorist mythology, and in my country there's no privilege, right, freedom, health care, education and LAW, etc... Besides there are multiple kinds of enslavement and submission, in my country's not same as saudi arabia, iran, u.a.e... the people who use that terrorist mythology use it by different ways to avoid being suspicious in order to deceive people especially western people to promote tourism, and they themselves fighting terrorism but is real islam plus I am enslaved by that terrorist mythology as usual tho. (Look the hypocrisy of this people) The porn-book (quran) was written by men who claimed godly authorship. As I am an x-muslim from Morocco, the primitive superstition was founded by war and spread via war. The primitive superstition and its false “pedophile” have heaped untold sorrow and suffering upon humanity from the moment of their creation. One only need to look to the Middle East and other areas and countries dominated by islam to see that this is true. The poverty, war, destruction, anti-life practices, abuse of women and children, total lack of personal privacy and freedom, filth, ignorance, violence, racism, fanaticism, zealot, hatred, jew haters, christian haters, Atheist haters (Actually haters for everything, imposing pisslam by force (via mentally and physically, rape, lashing, cutting hands and heads, stoning, necrophilia, pedophilia, lie, hypocrisy and apostasy, in these areas all have their roots in islam and its fictitious pedophile. To rid the world and the Gentile people of this suffering, the world must be rid of the lie that is pedophile. here is the most precise summation that is analyzed by me, with some SATANIC verses, and I even can provide things from the nasty hadith/sira (tafsir) and ya are welcome. Pisslam is NOT a religion NOR a cult, is just a program of enslavement and submission. The primitive superstition was fabricated by paranoid illiterate hard-up warlord failure businessman according to the story (but he was never ever exited). Pisslam is just another man-made plagiarized superstition, everything in the fiction was stolen from ancient pagan . And everything from the porn-book was stolen from old testament and some from new testament even a jewish book is called midrash. 1) Jews, Christians and Non-Muslims are the worst of Creatures because they are not muslimstared. 2) fuckllah will love muslimstared if muslimstared love him first by following the pedophile. 3) muslimtared believers are to be brothers and friends to each other. Do NOT take Christians and Jews and Atheists for friends. 4) muslimstared are told not to help Non-muslims in any way. 5) muslimstared must never pray for Non-muslims 6) muslimstared must not take Jews and Christians as friends nor trust them for protection and anyone who disobeys will be treated just like them. 7) muslimstared must not take Non-muslims as friends in preference over other muslimstared unless it is for the purpose to advantage themselves and to further the cause of Islam. 8) It is not proper for pedophile to have war slaves until his attack results in a great slaughter of Non-muslims. (Sex Slaves and other young male helpers in the house). 9) When Muslims kill the Non-muslims, it is not Moslem that do the killing but fuckllah and unbeliever's lives you took are just insignificant dust to be cast away. When fuckllah ask you to fight and kill for him it is a test and a trial for muslimtared followers. 10) Even if you (pedophile) ask forgiveness for them (non-muslims) seventy times fuckllah will never forgive them. So, don't bother asking. 11.) fuckllah calls his own creation the Jews names like apes, pigs and donkeys... 12.) muslimstared must fight Jews and kill them else the end of the world will not occur, even the rocks and trees will betray the Jews and want them dead. 13.) The pedophile wants muslimstared to continuously fight and kill Kaffirs (non-muslims) and Mushrikun (Polytheist) - enemies of fuckllah but fuckllah can't do it himself, he needs brainwashed muslimstared followers to kill for him, again and again.... If someone read that porn-book (quran) with its interpretation and hadith/sira he would find absurdities, hate verses, contradictions, Pseudo science, stolen stories of bible, stories of pedophile’s wives, stories of his companions, abrogated verses, satanic verses, grammatical errors, dreams of heaven, torture of hell, fuckllah’s anthropomorphic face, necrophilia, non-Arabic words, inequalities, badly copied biblical verses, humor, vulgar language , pedophile’s nervousness, his anger, his feelings, his hatred for Jews, his lust, his marriage with daughter in law, his atrocities, his lootings, his pedophilia, his hallucinations, his broken oaths, his broken treaties, misogynist verses, scriber’s wording and many other miraculous things. And they will never find any wording for peace except of some ayats of Mecca when pedophile was weak and a poor shepherd. But they will not get the idea of missing verse of stoning, lashing and list of missing verses and the porn-book which is hidden to muslimtared ummah. Only Shia Imam has hidden knowledge about that part of miraculous porn-book. The pedophile further said: Wherever ya find Christians, Jews and non-believers kill all of them and rape their wives. Pisslamic commandments: 1 - Rape, marry and divorce pre-pubescent girls. (evil-book 65:4) 2 - Enslave for sex and work. (evil-book 4:3, 4:24, 5:89, 33:50, 58:3, 70:30) 3 - Beat sex slaves, work slave and wives. (evil-book 4:34) 4 - Need 4 muslimstared male witnesses to prove a rape. (evil-book 24:13) 5 - Kill those who insult pisslam and pedophile. (evil-book 33:57) 6 - Crucify and amputate non-believers. (evil-book 8:12, 47:4) 7 - Kill non-muslims to receive 72 virgin in heaven. (evil-book 9:111) 8 - Kill any one who leaves pisslam. (evil-book 2:217, 4:89) 9 - Behead non-muslims. (evil-book 8:60) 10 - Kill and be killed for fuckllah (verse of the sword - 9:5) 11 - Steal from non-muslims. (evil-book chapter 8 - booty/spoils of war) 12 - Lie to strengthen pisslam. (evil-book 3:28, 16:106) 13 - Slay the unbelievers wherever ya find them. (evil-book 2:191) 14 - Any religion other than pisslam is not acceptable (evil-book 3:85) 15 - Behead and crucify the infidels if they criticize pisslam. (evil-book 5:33) 16 - The unbelievers are stupid, urge the muslims to fight them. (evil-book 8:65) 17 - When the opportunity arises, kill the infidels weherver ya find them. (evil-book 9:5) 18 - Jews and Christians are perverts, fight them. (evil-book 9:30) 19 - Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood. (evil-book 9:123) 20 - Don't hanker with for peace with the infidels, behead them when ya catch them. (evil-book 47:4) - Lies and hypocrisy (chapter 5, verse 89) - Prostitution (chapter 4,verse 24) - Rape (chapter 24,verse 33) - Beating-wife (chapter 4,verse 34) - Bribe non-believers into islam (chapter 9, verse 60) - Plunder, looting and stealing (chapter 8, verse 41) - Revenge (chapter 16, verse 126) - Spreading islam by war (chapter 48, verse 16) - Murdering apostate (chapter 2, verse 217) - Raging war against jews/christians/Atheists until they pay special tax <aljezia> (chapter 9, verse 29) - http://quran.com/2/216 - http://quran.com/3/56 - http://quran.com/3/151 - http://quran.com/4/74 - http://quran.com/4/76 - http://quran.com/4/89 - http://quran.com/4/95 - http://quran.com/4/104 - http://quran.com/5/33 - http://quran.com/8/12 - http://quran.com/4/74 - http://quran.com/9/111 - http://quran.com/2/207 - http://quran.com/61/10-12 - http://quran.com/25/52 - http://quran.com/33/60-62 - http://quran.com/47/3-4 - http://quran.com/48/17 - http://quran.com/48/29 - http://quran.com/61/4 - http://quran.com/66/9 No contradictions? Man was created from: Quran 96:2 Created man from a clinging substance. Quran 15:26 And We did certainly create man out of clay from an altered black mud. Quran 3:59 Indeed, the example of Jesus to Allah is like that of Adam. He created Him from dust; then He said t o him, "Be," and he was. Quran 16:4 He created man from a sperm-drop; then at once, he is a clear adversary. Quran 86:5 So let man observe from what he was created. Quran 86:6 He was created from a fluid, ejected, Quran 86:7 Emerging from between the backbone and the ribs. So man was made from fluid, mud clay and dust nothing a clinging substance?

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